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Services Offered

at Renaissance Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Dialysis Unit

Doing Dialysis Differently through Compassion and Care in Place

The Dialysis Unit at Renaissance provides a patient-centered model of care with a commitment to your quality of life. Experienced dialysis nurses and patient care technicians oversee residents’ dialysis. The Dialysis Team provides three-times-weekly dialysis.
Your Dialysis Team at Renaissance:

“ It’s really exciting to have a dialysis unit at Renaissance. It aligns with our principle of bringing care to the patient instead of having the patient shift between different systems of care, and it’s a much more patient-centric model. The team that oversees the dialysis unit is an experienced team that manages dialysis in long-term care settings, which is different than managing dialysis in an outpatient or hospital setting. Our patients are unique and have different needs, and our team is familiar with them. ”
Joshua Uy, MD

Subacute Rehab & Nursing

Assuring Quality Outcomes

Our Subacute Rehab & Nursing Services include:

With unmatched dedication, our highly skilled and compassionate therapists deliver physical, occupational and speech therapies 7 days a week in our state-of-the-art gym. Whether one is recovering from orthopedic surgery, stroke, traumatic injury, heart disease or any other incapacitating condition, our interdisciplinary team coordinates a personal rehab regimen specific to your needs.

Our individualized and progressive approach is goal-oriented and specifically designed to help you reach your optimal level of function and get back to the life you love. Our Physician Team consists primarily of Board Certified Geriatricians from Penn Medicine who physically conduct rounds at Renaissance 5 days a week.

Our specialized Rehabilitative Care includes:
Our Short-Term Rehab Program successfully transitions our patients from hospital to home.
Skilled Nursing

Warm and Nurturing Care

At Renaissance Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, we provide compassionate 24-hour skilled nursing care under the supervision of our Medical Director and team of attending Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. We have fostered close relationships with an array of Specialists, and many Board Certified Physicians conduct weekly rounds.

Individuals with complex medical needs are treated with dignity and respect in our nurturing, long-term care environment. We ensure that each resident’s family and personal doctor are included in their ongoing treatment and progress. Loved ones are welcome to visit at all times.

Respite Care is available for those requiring nursing care for a short period while their caregiver is away or in need of a break.

" We have a great team that is always available to help. All hands are always on deck. So it's always nice for the patient to know that they're always in safe hands because there are so many going to help at all times. For a long term patient for us to give them physical therapy, it helps them get out of their room. It's a way to socialize. It's a way to get them moving in a very safe environment with professionals in the room for a short term resident. It's really important that they get therapy to make sure that you know, they're able to do every single thing that they were doing before they got to this facility. So we simulate that as best as we can to ensure that they are safe when they go home."
Alisha Thomas, PT

Wound Care

Healing Wounds, Transforming Lives

Our highly effective Wound Care Program utilizes the powerful Diapulse Wound Treatment System for proven therapeutic results.

Diapulse has repeatedly been shown to heal wounds almost twice as fast as conventional methods. The Diapulse System uses high-frequency, non-thermal electromagnetic energy to accelerate the healing of:

We are seeking skilled, compassionate professionals to join our team!

We are seeking skilled, compassionate professionals to join our team!