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Meet Our February Residents of the Month!

at Renaissance Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Say hello to Margaret Lawrence & Beatrice Collier, our Residents of the Month.

We’re doing something different for February.  Instead of having just one resident featured, we’re having two!  Sisters Margaret and Beatrice both live here at Renaissance.  Miss Margaret is the older by 3 years, and between them they have 193 years of life experience.  They were born to Ziba and Izabelle Stokes, who owned a farm in Coatesville, PA.  They were two of ten children, five boys and five girls.  They have two other living siblings, their sister Rosie, who has also stayed here with us, and their younger brother, Georgie. Miss Margaret’s daughter, Renee, jokingly calls the three sisters The Golden Girls.   

Miss Margaret met her husband, William, at the Church of Christ; they were together until his death.  Miss Beatrice met her husband, John, through a mutual friend.  

Their words of advice: “Continue in school; be true to yourself with what you want to be. Don’t let anybody talk you out of it” and, “Be honest. Listen to what your parents tell you—most of the time it’s true.” 

(Pictured, left to right, are Miss Beatrice, Miss Renee, and Miss Margaret.)