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Meet Our March Resident of the Month!

at Renaissance Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

Say hello to Estrilda Ziegler, our Resident of the Month.

Ms. Estrilda “Ziggy” Ziegler was born in North Philadelphia in 1945, one of four children.  She shared that her father named her Estrilda after seeing the name in a book on birds;  Estrilda is a type of finch, a beautiful light gray little bird with a scarlet mask over its eyes.  Also, in German “Estrilda” means ice battler or goddess of war.  In talking to Miss Ziggy, one can see that her name suits her well.  Miss Ziggy says that people who know her know that she is crazy and that if they do something wrong, she will tell them.   

After graduating from Kensington High School, she worked at several factories, usually in a supervisory role, until her retirement in 2010.  Miss Ziggy is also very proud of her family, including her daughter Tamara, her five grandchildren, and seven great-grand children. Photographs of them are on display in her room and she will happily tell you about them.  Miss Ziggy is a social butterfly, but don’t ever do anything to make her give you ‘The Look’, because then you’ll get a piece of her mind!